5 teen business ideas and tips on how to get money for your startup costs.

Pocket money not enough? Wanna desperately buy something but don’t have enough saving?? Here are some business ideas for teens.

#1 Good at a sport? why not earn from that?

what do most of the parents do with their little ones who have excess energy? They make them join sports classes. Start a soccer club or any sport you are good at for the ones who are younger to you and make them learn how to kick some balls!!

#2 Go in for photography!

Yes, that’s right. If you love photography this offer is for you. Well their are hundreds of wedding photographers in town. The only thing which is going to make you unique is the low prices offers by you as for you some bucks is better than nothing.

#3 Born artist? Make money out of it!

Most teen are obsessed with phone covers now days. All you have to do is buy some plane covers in bulk for a cheper cost and make then extraordinary. you can also use below the line marketing techniques such as making it go viral on Instagram or on any social media site possible.

#4 Got a good PS3( or any other console) games collection? well its time to get it out of dust.

You should probability try renting out your games to your friends or let people enjoy your games in your house for a couple of bucks.

#5  Become a tour guide!

Living in a city with a lot of tourists coming in. Well why not take them around the town at a lower cost then other tour services?

Tips to get money fro your business.

Well to gain something you have to lose something. The money for your business lies within your room itself. The first suggestion to gather some money could be by selling of your old stuff which you no longer use. Collect trash like empty cans and etc.. and sell it off. Trust me they also have a little bit of value. Try saving dollar by dollar everyday.Giving you my personal example where I saved around $10 everyday and one day they turned out to be $125.